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KuKoo Fruit Crusher & 6 Litre Fruit Press



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Making Homemade Wine & Cider

Traditional fruit pressing techniques have been used for hundreds of years to extract fruit juice for making wine and brewing cider. They''re a great way to learn to love that old fruit tree at the bottom of the garden and put you in control of the taste and recipe. Whether you''re looking to make juice or wine and cider, it''s guaranteed to taste better when freshly pressed or home made.

Most fruit will need to first be crushed in a shredder; the blades break the skin to help release as much juice as possible then a press will squish all the fruit and juice will pour out of the pressing basket. Our Fruit Crusher and Press are the perfect companions for anyone looking to start making their own cider, wine and juice.

Save Money With This Cider Making Bundle

KuKoo Fruit Crusher

  • Holds a maximum of 7 litres of fruit
  • Stainless steel makes it easy to clean
  • Manual operation with handle which turns the blades
  • Great for using outdoors and easy to transport with no wires or motors

KuKoo 6 Litre Fruit Press

  • Traditional spindle mechanism
  • Made from solid oak and robust steel to withstand plenty of use
  • No wires or motors, as the manual handle presses the plates onto the fruit
  • FREE 3 nylon straining bags, help line the pressing basket and get rid of any pips

Each bundle also comes with FREE next day delivery in mainland UK so you can start making juice right away.

Traditional wine and cider making

Don''t stand there painstakingly chopping fruit by hand, just simply load up the fruit shredder and save bags of time and effort. You won''t need a degree in fruit pressing either, because using the press is easy as pie. Just line the press basket with one of the straining bags to stop any fruit from falling out, then turn the handle and watch juice pour from the press.

Fill each press as much or as little as you want - that''s the beauty of a manual fruit press, it''s really versatile.


Fruit Crusher

  • Dimensions: 51cm wide x 40cm long x 23.5cm high
  • Hopper dimensions - 33.5cm wide and 31cm long
  • Weight - 7.5kg
  • Capacity - 7 litres

6 litre Fruit Press

  • Capacity: 6 litres
  • Weight: 7.5kg
  • Dimensions: 28cm wide x 60cm high





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